I offer a professional service in equine thermography; scanning, imaging and interpretation for horse owners, trainers, vets and other equine professionals, using the very latest Infrared imaging equipment and software.

I generate an extensive report that meets the standards and protocols expected in both the Veterinary and Thermal Imaging industries in both written and digital forms.
Prior to my visit I will issue you with 'Preparation Guidelines', these will help you prepare your horse and the scanning environment correctly so enabling us to achieve the best possible images.
I am based in Gloucestershire near Hartpury and travel to your premises where I perform a thermal examination adhering to strict industry standard protocols - AAT Veterinary Guidelines and ISO 18434 Standards for thermography. The examination is a non-contact technique that provides a pictorial representation of the surface temperature of the horse’s body.
A full Body Scan typically takes about 45-60 minutes depending on the horse. Depending on the reason for the scan I will usually take both before and after exercise images, (usually 15 minutes lunge at walk and trot). This allows me to see the vasculature and weight bearing of the horse pre and post exercise, giving me valuable information. A complete, full body scan highlights any area needing more critical evaluation.
Please contact me if you require further information or have any questions.